Stellar Tales is a series of sci-fi/fantasy narratives conceptualized and written by Miles M. Moore. The stories are told from the perspective of three main characters; Jimm, Geney and Lukas as they are reincarnated over many millenia on a planet called Gozaa. They are destined to become the Vessels of the Gogues.


A Blink of the Eye

The Cosmic Game

The pre-historical events which take place on the planet of Gozaa, specifically the Planting of the Obelisks, the Council of the Gogues, the building of the Dais, and the breaking of the Mote of Charge into the Three Shards.


Past Lives

The creation of the Pre-Vessels by Aiza, the fragmentation of Positron's Shard, and the exploits of the Demi and Semi-Gogues and their descendants.


Narratives relating the lives of Jimm, Geney and Lukas as they grow to become the final Vessels.


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